Indication of specified commercial transactions


Fermenstation Co., Ltd.

Operation administrator name Rina Watanabe

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Description of charges other than payment for products

Delivery charges, extra charges for COD and bank transfer fees may be charged in addition to the sales price.

Valid term of application

Seven days after placement of order. If deposit is not confirmed within seven days after placing an order, we consider it as having no intention to purchase the product and the order will be cancelled automatically.
Sales quantities Please check in each product’s page.

Delivery time

In cases of bank transfer (advance payment), if no date has been designated, we will deliver the product within 7 business days after confirming the deposit.
In cases of credit card or cash on delivery orders, if there is no designated date, we will deliver the product within 7 business days after placing the order.

Payment methods

Credit card, bank transfer * Kuroneko Web Collect cannot be used for corporations, link destinations or services.
Payment deadline Within 7 days after we send a confirmation e-mail.
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Public e-mail address

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