• Aki Tomura
    FOLK HOOD Founder / Creative Director
    Aki begun her career as a sumie artist in 1988 performing globally. Aki then switched to become a designer in 2004. As a creative director, Aki provides brand consultation and design direction to her clients. She joined Fermenstation in 2015 being responsible for its brand development and logo design, product naming, catalog and website creation. Aki has been involved with Fermenstation since 2012.
    From naming to design, original product development Aki provides a wide range of consulting services from concept creation to packaging and PR.
    Other activities include writing and publishing, art director for design events such as “DESIGN TIDE”. Aki has been awarded many creative awards globally.
    Favorite fermented foods: katsuo-bushi (fermented bonito) and amazake (fermented rice drink)
    2001 Grand Prix, LIAA London International Advertising Awards
    (Food Package Design Category)
    2003 Finalists, LIAA London International Advertising Awards
    (Pharmaceuticals Package Design Category)
    2005 How magazine design award (logo design Category)
    2005 ReBrand design award
    2006 Grand Prix, Davey Awards (logo design Category)
    2006 Grand Prix, I.D magazine Annual (Concept Category)
    2009 SDAJapan Sign Design Association
    2018 Grand Prix, Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (Design Category)

  • Lina Sakai
    Fermenstation Co., Ltd.
    President and Representative Director
    Graduated from International Christian University and Tokyo University of Agriculture. Prior to establishing Fermenstation,
    Lina has worked at Fuji Bank., Ltd. (Currently Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.), and Deutsche Securities.
    Fermenstation is a premium ethanol venture business manufacturing alcohol and fermented residue from rice. Fermenstation mainly supplies premium alcohol to the cosmetic industry as ingredient and also develops and markets its own original products. It developed a sustainable and eco-friendly business model whereby any byproduct is turned into a value-add ingredient or product in and of itself.
    Lina was awarded the Audience Award at Global Brains Alliance Forum 2018, Special Award at JR East Startup Demo Day2018, The DBJ 3rd Women Entrepreneurs New Business Plan Competition, Special Innovation Award and the British Business Award 2014 (Community Contribution), is The Entrepreneur Awards Japan (TEAJ) Finalist and
    Japan Representative for Creative Business Cup 2014 Denmark etc.
    Her Products received Social Products Award 2014.
    Favorite microorganism: Aspergillus oryzae Favorite fermented drink: beer

  • Itoki Tomura
    Land scape planner / artist
    Born in 1999,and is the next generation representative. Switched from high school to online education to research the world with the theme of “final design”. She qualified as a permaculture designer at the age of 16. Currently studying land scape design at Kyoto Institute of Art and studying the relationship between animals and plants and people in the 21st century. Also a member of FOLKHOOD.

  • Koto Natsuyagi
    Dyer / Designer
    After graduating from a college in California with a fashion degree, moved to Paris and
    studied Haut-Couture, joined in a fashion company.
    Through out working in the fashion industry and being exposed to European cultural
    fusion, the interest eventually returned back to the Japanese roots, Kimono.
    For more deep study one of the finest kimono Oshima Tsumugi, returned to Japan and
    moved to Amami Oshima in 2006.
    Learning and exploring the beauty of Japanese artisan techniques, at the same time
    experiencing the disappearance of the kimono culture and it’s craftsmanship, felt an
    imperative duty and hope to carrying on to the next generation the importance to
    protect endangered tradition. Which led to create a brand “mudwestern” using
    traditional mud dying technique and Oshima Tsumugi under the concept of “DENTŌBI
    PROJECT” (DENTŌBI = traditional beauty) .
    Continuing activities between Kamakura and Amami Oshima today.

  • Atsushi Takamisawa

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