The one and only place.

The word "folkhood" is not in the dictionary. It is a word we have created, and is yet to exist in the world. Folkhood is a word to be shared with like-minded people with whom you discuss lifestyles for the coming age and turn them into reality. FOLKHOOD aims to create businesses that will lead to the gradual solution of issues by questioning our daily life and work style.

Like a folk song.

Folk songs are sung and shared by many people. Good songs will continue to be sung for hundreds of years, over the generations. FOLKHOOD supports the basis of the lives of a wider range of people, and generates and re-edits sustainable items. With our base in Japan, a small island country that experiences many natural disasters, we will spread projects around the world which enable the sharing of our experiences, technologies and ideas, all revolving around the theme of "Made with Japan". We hope to continue to offer ever more opportunities for talking about the changes required by the times with specialists from each field and for co-production with like-minded people.

Concept of FOLKHOOD

In creation of a “place” and “opportunity” that transcends borders and generations

Some people exceed others in one way or another. When we were college students, we would often be distressed by our own incompetence, but in a workplace, this becomes a totally different matter. In a workplace, there are many places where ones’ character and liking can be accepted and utilized and this creates a big force as a result of everyone coming together and cooperating. Moreover, a strong character and conviction can create something that is unknown to us all.

At FOLKHOOD, we revisit our ideal daily lives and by connecting one’s specialty and strong points we will aspire to share and sustain a working place for generations to come. We will also consider why we cannot be happy through our workplace. We will look into a workplace that does not sell labor by the hours and minutes, but combining with our discussions in making our lives free of pain and worry, we will answer the pains of labor.

Through a number of study groups and discussions with various people that has specialty in many categories, at FOLKHOOD, we will create a new business that matches with the times and that solves the many issues in our present day, in coordination with companies and craftsmen.

Our theme is push and PLAY.

FOLKHOOD’s CI is . This mark identifies play in audio and visual machines. The FOLKHOOD project would like to be everyone’s play button, a button that can be the start of something new for all those involved. We will go after the creation of a new product with a story in which we can all just forget about the time and play along by just pushing PLAY.
    • The ten articles of FOLKHOOD

  • 1
    • Aim for an environmental friendly self-sustainable society.
    • Respect Mother Nature and think of a well-balanced co-existence model between nature and people.
  • 2
    • Create a service that connects the city and the rural community.
  • 3
    • Be original.
    • We will not copy other people’s ideas and products.
  • 4
    • Sow the seeds and let it grow.
    • Be involved wholeheartedly from beginning to end and repeat that process over and over again.
  • 5
    • Break the stereotype and recreate along with the needs of the times.
    • Don’t make excuses and run away.
  • 6
    • Do not talk ill of others. Create a relationship where we can all grow our positives.
    • Take back our lost bondage of togetherness.
  • 7
    • Listen to our children.
    • Or, bring our children to our workplace.
  • 8
    • Travel and experience the real thing.
    • Do not pretend to know just by looking things up over the Internet.
  • 9
    • Create services and goods that appeal across borders.
    • Think of the larger common values and needs.
  • 10
    • Be excited.
    • Re-think our work and aim to transform or values and view of the world.
  • What we do

  • Business planning
     and development
  • Product planning
     and development
  • Event planning
     and development
  • Creative direction
  • Design
  • Photographic styling
  • Photographing
  • Publishing planning
  • Editing and writing
  • Copywriting
  • Naming