Payment Options

    • Credit card
    • Bank transfer: Iwate Bank Mizusawa Branch Savings Account #2097617
      *For payment, please transfer “total payment for products + shipping charge” to the bank account.
      *The bank transfer fee shall be borne by customers.
      *We will ship the product after receiving confirmation of payment.
      *Please be careful not to lose your copy of the transaction.

Shipping & Delivery

    • Yamato Transport: Shipping charges require confirmation.

Return Policy

  • Defective products: Contact us immediately after your product(s) have arrived. Please understand that we will not accept returns for any reasons except for product defects.
  • Return date: The return date shall be within 7 days after the arrival of the product(s).
  • Shipping charges for returns: Costs pertaining to returns owing to customer requests shall be borne by the customers. As to any defective goods or wrong product(s) dispatched from our company, we will bear the costs.